Gardens.. my weakness, my joy

I’m probably going to write a lot about gardens. I love gardens, love the creativity, envy the patience and skill of whoever created them. I  lose my self in awe of natures’ gifts and I want everyone I love, heck like even, to see what I see. I can’t even maintain an grumpy mood in a garden for long, it’s the anathema to my dark moods. The one pictured here, Butchart Garden, is one of my favourite places on earth. Everyone should spend time outdoors, every single day, if just for a few moments. It soothes the soul and gives time for breathing, it calms the chaos of our “head-space” in this stress inducing, messed up, sometimes sad and difficult world. If you have time today , go outside, feel the sun or the rain on your face, breath 🙂

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